View all Buy to let options. The monthly rental required will be £xxx **. based on your loan amount of £425,000, interest rate of 4.56%* and DSCR of 23%. *The actual interest rate applied is calculated as explained in our criteria. ** The amount shown above is inclusive of any fees added to your mortgage.

How do let-to-buy mortgages work? With let-to-buy, you are taking out two mortgages at the same time. If you own enough of the equity in your existing property, you remortgage and release some cash to put down a deposit on a new home.. You’ll do this using a let-to-buy mortgage, which is essentially a buy-to-let mortgage, often taken out on an interest-only basis.

So a buy-to-let mortgage is then seen as a higher risk from the lender’s point of view, and a buy-to-let borrower then has to pay higher costs. Buy-to-let mortgage loan size All mortgages have a loan-to-value – LTV – figure, which is the size of the mortgage as a percentage of the value of the property.

Buy to Let Calculator. Calculate your debt service coverage ratio (dscr) to give you an indication of the amount we are. What type of mortgage will it be?

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All of the online calculators require a lump-sum payment to the. If you can only get two or three, you might still have a deal worth doing. Let’s start with a lower interest rate. Mortgage interest.

HSBC Buy to Let mortgages are available up to 75% loan to value.. For example, if the monthly payment is 100 (100%), the monthly rental income must be at.

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