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The length of a tropical year is the time it takes the Earth to complete a full orbit around the Sun, but it varies from year to year. A tropical, common, and leap year. A tropical year is longer than a common year, but shorter than a leap year. 4 billion years ago, it took 1450 days to make one year and each night and day was 6 hours.

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The length of one sidereal Earth year is 3.39% the length of one sidereal saturn year. In other words, the length of one sidereal Saturn year is 29.5 times the length of one sidereal Earth year.

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I know most of our time and date systems are based on the Gregorian Calender, but if we don’t count jesus’ birth/death which changed from BC to AD..we would just start our actual time and date at the dawn of the Holocene Epoch nearly 12,000 years ago, then the actual date and year would be November 20, 12009 or since Earth was first formed, November 20, 4500000000 (4.5 billion)?

Because the exact length of a year is a little less than 36525 days how long will it be until the actual time and the calendar are at least 24 hours off – trivia question /questions answer / answers FunTrivia.com

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How long was a year in bible days? For example, was Methuselah really 969 years old as in 365 days times 969, or did their years have fewer or more days than ours today? Thanks!Lyne Hitt There is such insignificant change in the earth’s spin and revolution that the times and seasons have remained the [.]

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